After-School Clubs

Staff and volunteers at Brampton Abbotts try to offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Most are free of charge but we may have to make a small charge if the activity is provided by an outside agency.

In return we ask that children attend clubs that they have signed up to regularly, that they respect the rules of the club and that they let a member of staff know if they will not be attending. Some clubs have limited spaces and will operate on a first come, first served basis.

The 2017 Spring Term activities are as follows. All Clubs finish at 4pm unless otherwise stated and will run from 15th January to 23rd March:

Monday Lunchtime: Ukelele

Co-ordinator: Mr Brearey | Available to: Y3-6

Monday: Multi-Sports

Co-ordinator: Adrianno | Available to: Y2-3

Tuesday: Football

Co-ordinator: Carl | Available to: Y4-6

Tuesday: Games

Co-ordinator: Mrs Jones | Available to: Y4-6

Tuesday: Lego

Co-ordinator: Miss Price | Available to: Class 1, maximum of 16

Wednesday Lunchtime: Girls Football

Co-ordinator: Mr Hardman | Available to: Y3-6

Thursday Lunchtime: Lego

Co-ordinator: Miss Field | Available to: Class 2, maximum of 16

Thursday: Gymnastics

Co-ordinator: Mrs Seal | Available to: Y3-5, maximum of 16 | Cost: £2 per session

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