The School Governing Body

Strategic Role: working with the leadership team within the school, the governors agree and recommend areas for improvement and development. We ensure that strategies, policies and procedures are in place to meet these developments. These are then documented in 'The School Development Plan'.

Monitoring & Support: we monitor the performance of the school against the School Development Plan by attending meetings and asking questions, receiving reports and other key documents and by visiting the school. We celebrate the successes of the school.

Accountability: The Governing Body has responsibility to oversee the performance of the school.

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Name of Governor Governor Category Appointing Body Term of Office Governing Body Position / Committee Attendance
Adley, Rev'd Nick Foundation Ross PCC 01.09.13 - 31.07.16 (Resigned) Premises Committee n/a
Bamforth, Rev'd Canon Marvin Foundation Ross PCC 01.09.17 - 31.08.18 Premises Committee n/a
Bennett*, Mrs Karen Foundation Ross PCC 01.04.14 - 30.03.18 Curriculum Committee
Nursery & EYFS Governor
Inkpen Class link Governor
Jenkins, Mr Peter Foundation Ross PCC 01.09.14 - 31.08.18 Chair Finance Committee
Member Premises Committee
Jones, Rev'd Sarah Foundation Ross PCC Ex officio GB Vice Chair
Chair Curriculum & Personnel Committees
Mason, Mr Paul Foundation Ross PCC 01.09.14 - 31.08.18 GB Chair
Member all committees
SEN & PP link Governor
Ahlberg Class link Governor
Raddenbury, Mr Peter Foundation Ross PCC 01.05.15 - 03.03.17 (Resigned) Finance & Personnel Committees
Leader marketing working group
Richards, Mr Keith Foundation Ross PCC 01.09.17 - 31.08.21 Chair Premises Committee
Member Finance Committee
Vacancy Foundation Ross PCC
Brearey*, Mr Dan Headteacher Governing Body Ex officio Member all committees 95%
Kear*, Mrs Dawn Staff Staff 01.09.15 - 31.08.19 Premises Committee 43%
Clarkson*, Mrs Claire Parent Parents 01.01.17 - 31.12.20 Curriculum Committee
Numeracy & Literacy Governor
Dahl Class link Governor
Davies*, Mrs Emma Parent Parents 01.02.15 - 31.01.19 Curriculum Committee
Marketing working group
Rowling Class link Governor
Brown, Mrs Dawn Co-Opted Governing Body 01.09.15 - 31.08.19 Premises & Personnel Committees
H&S and Safeguarding Governor
Donaldson Class link Governor
Lerego, Ms Hannah Local Authority Hereford County Council 01.01.17 - 31.12.20 - 33%
Turner, Mrs Danielle - - 01.11.16 - Clerk to Governors 100%

Attendance: Attendance percentages cover full GB and committee meetings in 2016-17 during which there were 4 GB meetings and 3 Curriculum, 6 Finance, 3 Personnel and 3 Premises Committee meetings.

Register of Interests: Mr Brearey is Executive Headteacher of Bridstow Primary School and is an ex-officio member of their GB. Mrs Bennett is employed as part-time administrator at the school.

With the exception of those identified* as staff or parents no governors have any relevant business or pecuniary interests (as recorded in the register of interests) including: governance roles in other educational institutions; and any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives).

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